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:iconreerocksstuff: tagged me so here u go! (I don't always do stuff I'm tagged in, but I'll do this one)

You can do this for yourself, and you can add your OC's,too! 

What was the scariest time of your life??
-I'd have to say when I babysat my youngest brother once for a weekend by myself. One of the nights I had put him to bed, locking the door and turning out the lights and so forth, and, when I got up later to double check he was fine and to get some water, I find the back light on, the back door wide open, and the front door unlocked. My brother was asleep, so I didn't know if someone had staked out the house while I was downstairs or something. I did close the door and lock both doors and turned out the back light, but it was freaky. Until the next day when I asked my brother about it, and he said he had let the cats in (or out, I don't remember which), and for some reason had forgotten to close the door and everything. But yeah, probably was the most scared during that time. I generally don't scare easily, so yeah.

What was the happiest time of  your life??
-I'll say when I met my friend, Emma. And more so our conversations since we met.

what was the saddest time of your life?
-So far? Possibly when I was eight years old, and realized my family didn't really pay much attention to me, and went a whole day seeing if I could go with out saying a word to see if they would even notice. I almost made it, but I did have to speak up to get supper that particular day, though only because they were asking whoever wanted hot dogs, and wasn't really paying attention. "Can't hear you nod your head." but, they didn't notice. I think that planted a seed in me that, if that was not the saddest part of my life, would grow into what would become the saddest time in my life. Basically at sixteen, I began to realize EVERYONE was busy with their own lives. Not just my family, but every person. Very few people did I talk to, and certainly no one was I close to. And since then, people who I had begun to try to get close to, people that I would call my best friend, would suddenly vanish from my life, and my attempts to stay connected would fail, proving to me that I'm just a person, and people can forget about me, as if I never existed. But really... that's how I've been treated by 99.9% of people throughout my entire life. One exception so far is my friend Emma. Which is why I count meeting her and talking to her as the happiest time of my life. I'm messed up and broken still though from too many things, most of which are my fault for not connecting to people properly and my habit of just allowing people to vanish from my life (though I try a little to keep them around, but... after a little, decide "you are busy, I'll just leave you alone. I don't want to bother you or waste your time with my idiotic life." and yeah...)

When have you gotten the most angry?
-Semi-often... at myself, for every mistake I've made and awkward situation I've caused and any time I've made anyone uncomfortable and so on and so forth. I get angry at myself a lot. I can't seem to stop remembering all the negatives about my life and about my actions over the years.

What is the yummiest food you've ever had?
-I don't know. I'll just say a sub sandwich from Jimmy Johns. Gosh their food tastes great.

what's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
-I've done soo many dumb things, I don't even know what I could rate as the most dumb. Perhaps being alive? Because in being alive, I've done all the dumb stuff I have done.

What was your worst hair day ever?
-I wouldn't know. I don't usually pay attention, and I haven't really had a lot trouble with hair. Though there was that time when I had it grown out and some of the hair would keep getting into my eye, which hurt, a lot. But it finally grew past that and was fine again.

What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
-Probably my freshmen year of high school, I was wearing shorts and waiting to see if a girl I had a crush on and had been spending time talking to periodically in the halls would show up. While I waited, some guy lifted his foot and knocked my shorts down right there in the hall. I quickly picked them back up, and two girls may have seen, and while no one else seemed to notice or anything, I switched to wearing short jeans then. And then to jeans after that. (before this point, I HATED jeans, but, I knew they would more likely not be easy to take off or what not, and I ended up growing to like jeans, and now I wear them all the time.)

what's the best day you've ever had?
-I honestly don't know. I'm not good at remembering the good things that happen to me.

What's the worst day you ever had?
-I don't know what it is now, but, it used to be on a Tuesday in January of 2007. I was so depressed and angry at myself, that when a "friend" (more like someone I didn't know who it was, but he was a friendly guy) came up to give me a hug, I pushed him away, and almost got up to push him further. A bigger reason for pushing him off though, was because I had just gotten out of a Programming class (pretty sure this was the same day, if not, it still applies to the reason) where the programming class had mostly guys. well, the reason this is significant is... after class, everyone else left buy three guys and I, One of those three had come over and started to massage me and, well.... he was hitting on me. And I didn't like it. His two guy friends were there laughing about it as well. And... was really uncomfortable for me. It wasn't the first time he had hit on me, but it was the first time I was surrounded while sitting at the desk and him to touch me in ways I did not care for.
Anyway, so after that time, lunch time, was sad, sitting on floor, person came up to hug me and I pushed him away. In part from not wanting guys to touch me due to reason stated above. And in part due to being soo angry at myself, that it was starting to show outward to others a bit too. As I did this, happened to be standing right beside me was a girl I had met previously, she was leaning against her boyfriend and she noticed me, and asked what was wrong. She then noticed someone she wanted to talk to, and said she would be back to talk about it. While waiting, her boyfriend sort of tried to see what was wrong or something, that didn't go far. Time passed by... and she didn't show up. Ten minute bell rang so I stood up and went to class. She was too busy with her own life and stuff, so yeah... I wasn't going to wait, she obviously didn't REALLY care.
Went to English class, feeling angry with myself, and the feelings of the other stuff that happened still fresh. We had an oral report. GLADLY I got the nerve to tell my English teacher before everyone came in, and she allowed me to not do that oral report. Seriously... I was in tears about just saying something to her out loud. I knew if I had started speaking out loud to the class, I wouldn't be able to get through. She offered to buy me chocolate even, but... I couldn't let her use her money on me, so I declined. And chocolate wouldn't have helped me probably anyway. So, gladly she let me not do that oral report. Was very very nice of her.
But that isn't all... later that night, youth group at church. I sat at a wall near the entrance. This was the first time that I wasn't walking everywhere and greeting everyone. Only one person reacted to noticing. She asked me what was wrong, took a bit, due to what had happened earlier, wasn't so easy to trust and open up, wanting to see if she really cared, but she talked me into going to the back, sitting on a couch, and just as I was about to go ahead and tell what was wrong........... she decided to leave, saying she would be "right back"... her and her friends she had gathered around her to find out what was wrong with me, left, to go check for more people or something... aaaand.... they never came back. She never said a word about it again....
It hurt.... to happen twice in one day.... along with all that I had been feeling and such already. a part of me died that night. I stopped going around so much saying Hi to everyone. At least for the most part. I still did sometimes, but I obtained a huge scar in my heart from all of that.

Rules: tag five people!! Okey-dokes, I tag....
Have fun!~


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I like to write, and I'm somewhat learning to draw. Taking time, not putting myself to it too much, but, every now and then at least. That is about all I can really say for now I suppose.

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