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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, to my eye, this piece is clearly worth a million words if not more. The way in w...


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Short Story #19: You Cannot Hide.
By Brandon M. Bird.
List of words:
1. Contagious.
2. Catastrophe.
3. Conflagration.
Words chosen by myself at random.

“Sean! Sean Winchester! You shouldn't have done that. Do you realize what you have done?! You have destroyed all of our hard work! Your work! You are a monster!”

Sean sat there in the corner of a walkway. “No! No! You used me! You used me to create a mechanical contagion! A machine that would turn all of human kind into machines to work for you! YOU are the monster!”

“No, Sean, YOU are. Who was it that created those machines? I certainly did not. You did!”

Sean stood to his feet. “And I destroyed them!”

“And you killed many when you did! You didn't even think about those working here! Innocent people! You killed them Because you are a monster! Just look at yourself!”

Sean looked at his body, then down below to the fiery abyss below where the factory floor was still burning high. He knew people worked here at night, many people. He knew people died when he destroyed all he had created. “No.” Sean looked back to Mr. Henderson. “I stopped what I created so that none would die by my hands. I did not mean for them to die! I don't want to be a monster!”

“You admit it then! You ARE a monster! And as a monster, you must pay for your crimes.” Mr. Henderson pulled out a knife and advanced toward Sean.

Sean's heart began to tick louder. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. “Don't come near me! Leave me alone!”

“You will die this night for what you have done!”

“You are the one who planned the catastrophe! I only burned burned your weapons!”

“No, you destroyed everything!” Mr. Henderson struck the blade towards Sean, but Sean dodged and began to run. “You will not get away!”

Sean looked back as he ran, seeing Mr. Henderson chasing him. But as Sean looked back, he tripped, and Mr. Henderson came closer, quickly. Sean rolled over and jumped to his feet, then continued to run. “Why are you doing this? Why did you want to destroy the world?”

Mr. Henderson did not answer. Soon he overcame Sean, and struck his back.

Sean fell forward from the blow, but could not feel the pain of the impact.

Both fell to the ground, as the knife had lodged into Sean's inner workings, and Edward Henderson would not let go of the knife, instead, he tried to pull it out to strike again.

“Mr. Henderson! LEAVE ME ALONE!”

The knife finally came out, and Edward fell onto his back. He quickly stood to his feet and walked to stand over Sean who was now barely moving. “Time to die!” He thrust the knife forward to strike Sean again in the back, but as he did, Sean pulled a lever in an attempt to stand to his feet, which started a partially broken machine to move, this partially broken part snagged Edward's clothes and drug him over the railing to fall many stories down into the still burning flames from the destruction Sean had caused.

Sean pulled himself up using the rails, and saw what he hoped would be the last of Mr. Edward Henderson. The body seemed to burn up instantly when it reached the flames, or perhaps that was because the flames were high and impeded view of the floor which the body landed. But seeing that his boss was now dead, Sean sat down and began to fix his inner workings.

Sean would stay there all night as the fires burned, leaving much of the factory charred and in ruin. Then, when he had finished repairing himself, and the last flame finally was extinguished, he would go to find a safe place to stay. He hoped to die in peace, but instead, his insanity grew, and his body would not die as easily as he had hoped. And thus was left to suffer from his own insanity, where he could never hide from all he had done.
Short Story #19: You Cannot Hide
Is this the last installment for Sean Winchester, the clock man? Time shall tell.

Precedes this story:
Short Story #5: My Life as a Clock

Short Story #16: Ready, set, Terminate!

Short Story #6:I'm not Human Anymore...What am I?

Proceeds this story:
Short Story #13: A Cherry from a High Place.

More to come.

This is part of a series I am doing in taking random words and phrases, generally that people have given me, friends or strangers, and creating a story inspired by them. 
As an example, the words that helped inspire this story were:
1. Contagion.
2. Catastrophe.
3. Conflagration.
Person who gave these words is:
Yeah, myself. I randomly chose the words from the dictionary, using an actual dictionary. Though usually I get words from others to use, which I prefer, but this is interesting as well. Hopefully I used the words correctly or brought about their meanings through the story, even if the words themselves were not used.
If I were to do an "Ask Sammy Sam", would anyone be willing to ask questions for him to respond to?
Would give me a reason to practice drawing him, and would give some potentially interesting scenarios and poses to practice with as well. I know my art is HORRIBLE! And needs MAJOR WORK... but, yeah. And while I get that kind of practice, you can learn more about Sammy's reaction to questions and such.
So, what do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing how that goes? Would you contribute questions?


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Brandon Bird
United States
I like to write, and I'm somewhat learning to draw. Taking time, not putting myself to it too much, but, every now and then at least. That is about all I can really say for now I suppose.

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